UNIVERSITY OF West indies school of nursing 
WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing policies and leadership

Oscar Noel Ocho, MPH, Mphil, PhD, RN
Claudine Richardson Sheppard, Assistant Lecturer

To support PAHO/WHO’s work in the development of nursing policy and leadership in the Caribbean region.

To support PAHO/WHO’s efforts to promote and facilitate interprofessional research, education and practice with emphasis on capacity building of nursing. 


Picture of the formal opening of UWISoN

    • Situation of the mobility of nurses/midwives and medical doctors in the Caribbean region.
    • Introduction to Critical Care Nursing (Short course).
    • COVID-19 Vaccination – Short Course in Immunology, Virology and Communication.
    • ET/WOC Nursing: Leadership Lessons Learned From COVID-19 Pandemic – An Opinion (DOI: 10.33235/wcet.40.3.43-46).
    • Nurses’ preparation for transitioning into positions of leadership – A Caribbean Perspective (DOI: 10.1111/jonm.13089
    • ‘Innovations in Online Clinical Nursing Education – in the context of COVID-19’.
    • IPE conference Webinar.
    • Mentoring programme for new and potential leaders in nursing in the Caribbean.
    • Research project on health systems strengthening for policy makers.
    • Research project on experiences of nurse managers in providing leadership during COVID-19.