WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development


Myat Thandar


Tin Tin Kyaw


Naw Clara
Wai Wai Oo


To support WHO in strengthening quality of nursing and midwifery education.

To support WHO in strengthening quality of nursing and midwifery services.

To contribute to WHO in building capacity of nursing and midwifery workforce in responding to current health challenges.


University of Nursing (Yangon) WHOCC for Nursing and Midwifery Development

The University of Nursing (Yangon) carried out the IPE in 3 phases: the first phase (holding a forum on understanding the roles and responsibilities of different health care providers); and the second and third phases (visit to the community and clinics). An IPE manual was developed and distributed. Workshop on “Self-assessment Report” writing was held. A joint workshop with British Dermatology Society and project management training were conducted for clinical instructors and educators. The PhD in nursing science program was started from 2020, and curricula for a part-time Master of Nursing Science program in Community Health Nursing and Nursing Administration and Management were developed. The centre arranged TOT for delivery of a new outcome based diploma curriculum. It collaborated with other centres in the student exchange, postgraduate scholarship, service learning and conference co-hosting programs, and research. Collaborative research, “Improving maternal mental health in Southeast Asia through assets-based approaches,” is to be conducted. The centre also sent faculty for training to Universities in Italy, and Japan for primary health care providers training and health system management. The Co-director of the center attended “ICN International Congress 2019, and also “Expert Group Consultation to review and finalize manual for training nurses in care of the health of older persons” in New Delhi in December 2019.

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    • Workshop on evaluation of the effectiveness of IPE program
    • IPE Forum
    • Preliminary launching of Year of Nurse Midwife, “Nurses and Midwives: Tackling 21st Century Global Health Challenges: Nursing Now Global Campaign, and The 2020 Nightingale Challenge” by Dr Catherine Hannaway
    • Workshop on “Implementation of part-time programs for Master of Nursing Science degree”
    • Training of Trainers for distance learning and part-time nursing programs
    • Workshop on ensuring Nurse Educator competencies
    • Workshop on translation of researching findings into policy and practice

The Rector of the University of Nursing, Yangon is the task force leader of the project “Establishment of Universities Conglomerate,” and with the support of the WHO, “Stakeholders meeting on establishment of Universities Conglomerate of medical and allied health universities” was held in August 2019 at the University of Nursing (Yangon). The objective of the project is to restructure the Medical and Allied Health universities in Myanmar to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of universities in all management areas including academic, staff, administrative, and financial affairs. It is generally planned that 16 Medical and Allied Health Universities which currently are existing as independent entities under the Ministry of Health and Sports are to be consolidated into Universities Conglomerate in Yangon and Mandalay. Implementation is to be done with the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Sports, and with the inputs of the WHO, the professional regulatory bodies, Academic Societies, students’ and teachers’ bodies of the constituent universities. The undertaking itself is part of the education reform for decentralization and university autonomy, and all inclusive, cautious approach is needed in the implementation.
Concurrent to this project, the University Charters are prepared with inputs of stakeholders in Yangon and Mandalay. Charter development workshops were held in Mandalay and Yangon in August 2019.


Incorporation of IPE into undergraduate health professional education program

In order to fulfill the center’s TOR to strengthen capacity of workforce, education, service and research, a series of training of trainers (TOT) workshops were held with faculty of the Universities of Nursing, Nursing and Midwifery Training Schools, and Clinical Instructors from the clinics. The TOT workshops focused on delivery of revised nursing curricula and new program (distance learning program for Bachelor of Nursing Science degree), and use of educational modules, materials including audio cassettes and clinical evaluation tools. 

The center also held workshop to evaluate the pilot interprofessional education program conducted in collaboration with the University of Medicine, and develop mechanisms to incorporate IPE in the undergraduate medical and allied health professional training programs. Over 150 participants from these institutes had attended. The joint IPE workshop was also held in collaboration with the Okayama University, Japan. Refresher Course on Long Term and Palliative Care of the Elderly Patients was also held. The center worked closely with the Myanmar Nurse Midwife Council for accreditation of nursing and midwifery training programs and institutions. 

The centre worked with other WHOCCs and nursing institutions like Hongkong Polytechnic University and Fudan University, Shanghai, China on “Service Learning Project” and “Capacity building of primary health care providers in SEANERN countries”. The director of the centre had also attended 12th Biennial Conference and Meetings of the Global Network of WHOCC in Cairne, Queensland, Australia, from 15th to 22nd July 2018, and the WHO Regional Meeting on Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health, New Delhi, India, 4th to 8th February, 2019.

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    • Training of trainers on the use of educational modules for Bachelor of Nursing Science (Distance Learning Off-campus Bridge) program (Critical thinking, and Teaching and Learning Modules from 16th to 18th August 2018; Management of Critically ill patient, and Health Assessment and Clinical Reasoning modules from 5th to 7th September 2018; Nursing Research, Nursing Leadership and Management, and Nursing Seminar Modules from 28th to 30th September 2018)
    • Workshop on incorporation of Interprofessional Education into the undergraduate nursing and medical programs from 29th to 31st January 2019
    • Workshop on Dissemination of the Use of Clinical Evaluation Tools in the Hospital Practice on 18th February 2019
    • Refresher Course on Long Term and Palliative Care of the Elderly Patients on 7th and 8th March 2019
    • Evaluation on implementation of interprofessional education program
    • Nursing Now event and Nursing Now Talkshow
    • Celebration of the Year of Nurses (2020)
    • Workshop on Self-Assessment Report (SAR) writing for accreditation
    • Workshop on Emergency and Disaster Management
    • As the University of Nursing (Yangon) is the leading and oldest nursing institution in Myanmar, it is in the position to lead the nursing and midwifery education in terms of developing the new programs, curricula, monitoring and evaluation process etc. Its faculty are the key resources, and they helped faculty of nursing training schools when competency and outcome based diploma program was introduced in 2018 by giving TOT on some subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pathology etc.
    • The university had also engaged with the Myanmar Nurse Midwife Council, the Myanmar Nurse Midwife Association and the Singapore Nursing Association, and other NGOs in conducting health talks and activities like “Health talk on power of wellness”, “Workshop on Tobacco Free Generation in Myanmar”, “Training on Safe Patient Handling”, “Management of Diabetes: Health care provider training for nurses”; “Information sharing on accreditation process to the private sector”; “Educational talk on Ethics and Professionalism”, and “Nursing Excellence on ECG and resuscitation”
    • We have also received Fulbright scholar, Associate Professor Weihua Zhang of Emory University, USA for 4 months to support postgraduate research studies.