yonsei university, college of nursing
WHO Collaborating Centre for research and training for nursing development in primary health care

Prof. Hyeonkyeong Lee, RN, PhD, FAAN
Prof. Eui Geum Oh, Dean, RN, PhD, FAAN

Kennedy Diema Konlan, Researcher

Support WHO in providing capacity building training for health workforce development in PHC.

Activity 1: Conduct capacity building training for health workforce from low and middle income countries, especially in relation to PHC. (Expected deliverables: Training workshops in 4 years; Report)

Activity 2: Conduct collaborative workshops and training of nurses in advanced roles (NAR) to develop role for advancing PHC. (Expected deliverables: Workshop & training session)

Support WHO to conduct and disseminate research on evidence for nursing workforce models that can best improve PHC service delivery.

Activity 3: Conduct research which examines the roles of nurses in the delivery of people centered integrated care and PHC. (Expected deliverables: Research paper and presentation)

Activity 4: Conduct literature review on nursing education, regulation, and professional development and produce best practice briefs on their impact on PHC. (Expected deliverables: Best practice briefs)


    • Held an online workshop (Feb 18-27, 2021) for Korean nurses working in PHC in under-developed countries (e.g., Pakistan, Bangladesh, Georgia, etc). The nine participants participated in lectures and discussions on topics such as promoting community and public health in international settings, rural community health, women’s health and cancer screening, and self-care in PHC nursing.
    • We held a training workshop for nurses in advanced roles in Sep-Oct, 2020. Participants were from three major hospitals in Seoul and the surrounding vicinity, and 99 nurses attended the online sessions.
    • We continued to work with the Secretariat of the Network by participating in surveys and sending news and information. We also participated in the virtual GN meeting, June 19, 2020.
    • We participated in the 8th Triad Meeting (ICN-WHO-ICM): June 16-18, 2020 – which was held virtually. For this event our CC coordinated with local infection control nurse expert (Ms. Park ES), who shared Korea’s response model against COVID-19 at the conference.
    • Partnership activity 1 with other WHO CCs: James Cook University (AUS-98): Participated in an online survey study, titled “Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on WHO collaborating centers in the Western pacific region” (summer of 2020).


    • Our CC completed the NAR Study – Nurses in Advanced Roles as a strategy for equitable access to health care in the Western Pacific Region (WPR). This multi-country study was done in conjunction with WHO CC in the WPR, a total of 13 partner institutions across 8 countries. It consisted of three phases: a descriptive survey (18 experts from 10 countries), a Delphi survey (19 experts from 13 countries), and exploratory interviews (18 experts from 11 countries). Findings were presented at the 2018 Yonsei International Nursing Conference, Nov 30, 2018, as 2018 marked the 30th anniversary of our WHO CC.
    • 30th anniversary of our CC