WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Development


Huda Gharaibeh


Raeda Abu AlRub


Upon the request of WHO, to contribute to strengthen nursing roles in primary health care through developing family practice nursing competencies.
In support of WHO, to assess professional development needs for faculty on nursing and midwifery education in the EMR.


Dr. Huda Gharaibeh, Director of WHO-CC at the CC meeting in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

We established core competencies essential for advanced practice nursing (APN) in Jordan. A descriptive exploratory survey design was utilized to delineate APN practice competencies in relation to Universal Health Care in Jordan as an initial step for developing a regional APN core competency. In addition, we identified essential competencies for undergraduate nursing programs. Towards this we adopted and implemented a competency based nursing curricula and implemented. The process and methodology was developed together with WHO EMRO and the results was contributing to the regional work plan. The core competencies were developed in consultation with the relevant nursing and midwifery that include:

      1. Stakeholders at the regional and international levels
      2. In line with the WHO, ICN, and ICM recommendations
      3. Nursing and midwifery scope of practice and job descriptions.

A mechanism was developed to integrate core-competencies into the educational objectives, selection and organization of content, curricular organization. Besides, the Faculty of Nursing at JUST as a WHO collaborative center for nursing development was approached by WHO Libya office to develop a training program on family nursing to improve the knowledge and skills of primary care nurses in Libya. We participated in the Fourth meeting of the WHO Collaborating Centers (WHO CCs), Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 9-10 January 2019.

Simulation center was expanded and foster learning for students and faculty from Palestine. We are in the process to develop a PhD program in nursing in partnership with University of Rutgers New Jersey.

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    • “International Nursing Congress on: Innovative Avenues: Practice drives Education, Research, and Policy” October 16-17, 2018.
    • JUST/Faculty of nursing: The Faculty of Nursing at JUST hosted the accreditation visit by peer reviewers from Accreditation Commission of Education in Nursing to standardize the program and meet the strategic goals.
    • Regular meeting with stakeholders
    • Partner with JNC to conduct nursing forum to dissemination the established competencies to nursing community
    • Continue to promote Nursing Now Campaign
    • Conduct a workshop on Inter-Professional Education
    • Support more publications based on WHO CC projects

The Faculty of Nursing hosted a Fulbright Scholar during Spring 2019 and several faculty members from European Union through ERASMUS+ exchange mobility. We partnered with Jordanian Nursing Council to develop a workshop on Maternal-child topics and hosted it in different parts of the country. We also supported the “Nursing Now” campaign during the international conference held in October 2018.