UNIVERSITY OF bahrain, college of health and sport sciences
WHO Collaborating Centre for nursing development


Dr. Leena Mohammad Abdulla Khonji, Dean College of Health and Sport Sciences – Assistant Professor

Dr. Magda Mohamed Mohamed Bayoumi, Head of Nursing Department – College of Health and Sport Sciences

To support WHO’s work on strengthening evidence generation and use of evidence in nursing practice and education.

To support WHO’s work on enhancing the improvement of midwifery competencies in the primary care settings. 

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Nursing Preceptorship Graduation Ceremony 2018

College of Health Sciences is a WHO Collaborative who took an active since the collaboration the college worked to maximize it’s contribution toward nursing and midwifery profession. The center has assigned to work on three term of references in cooperation with the WHO Regional Office.

The first term of references is to develop a comprehensive preceptorship-training package. the second term of reference is Primary Health care case study and the third was develop a database on the existing nursing and midwifery educational institutions. the preceptorship training package aimed to increase preceptor competencies, requirements of different preceptees, adult learning principles and its application to clinical environment, quality clinical learning environment, component of clinical teaching, communication skills needed by the preceptor, questioning and coaching, effective clinical observation & feedback, role modeling as teaching method, reflective practice, methods of assessing performance, clinical rules and regulations and evaluation format. 

This activity is planned in coordination with the WHO Regional Office where a review of the literature on primary health care nurses towards the achievement of Universal Health Coverage will be conducted. A survey or interview guides will be constructed collaboratively with WHO Regional Office and a case study on Bahrain primary health workforce. The results will be compiled to inform priority action for strengthening the role of primary health care nurses and midwifes toward the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. in regard the database the CC will develop a database for all the Nursing and Midwifery educational institutions in the EMRO Region. The CC will agree on the data to be collected with the WHO regional office. Data sources may include institutional website, WHO HRH, observatory, and communication with Deans/Directors of the institutions.

    • Conducting three workshops on preceptorship workshops
    • First Nursing and Midwifery Symposium on 17th April 2019
    • College of Health Sciences is playing a very active in preparing nurses who are well prepared and competent in different areas. Currently the college has launched a master program for the first time in Adult Health Nursing. Also the center offered different courses like refresher courses for the nurses who were away form the practice. Furthermore, a new program also was conducted which was aiming to prepare the candidates in elderly care in the elderly sitter program. In addition the college is planning to offer different programs like disability sitter and triage course.