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Professor John Daly
Secretary General, WHO CC Global Network,
Head of WHO CC and Dean of Faculty of Health UTS


Ms Michele Rumsey
Assistant Secretary General, WHO CC Global Network
Director of Collaborating Centre


Professor Caroline Homer
Assistant Secretary General, WHO CC Global Network
Director of the Centre for Midwifery, Child
and Family Health – UTS Faculty of Health 

Fiona brooks
Professor Fiona Brooks
Assistant Secretary General, WHO CC Global Network
Associate Dean (Research) – UTS Faculty of Health 


Ms Jodi Thiessen
Executive Coordinator,
WHO CC Global Network
Manager, Research and Development


Ms Amanda Neill
Executive Coordinator,
WHO CC Global Network
Program Manager


Feel free to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Nursing and Midwifery

Duties and Procedures of the Secretariat

as described by the Constitution & Bylaws (revised and ratified in 2008)

ARTICLE 13 – Functions and Duties (Secretariat)

13.1. The Secretariat functions as the coordinating body of the Network. It is housed within a Collaborating Centre elected by the membership of the Network for a period of four years. The Centre may be redesignated for a subsequent period, up to a maximum of a further four years, as voted on by the membership. It is headed by a Secretary-General who is the Director of the Collaborating Centre and who at her/his own discretion may appoint someone to assist in carrying out the duties of the Secretariat.

13.2. The Secretariat has the following duties:

a) To execute decisions made by the Executive Committee in consultation with the Network.

b) To manage the finances of the Network to carry out its activities.

c) To promote and maintain relations with members of the Network.

d) To collect and distribute relevant information among members of the Network.

e) To prepare marketing and publicity materials.

f) To disseminate information about the Network to interested institutions and individuals who are not members of the Network.

g) To take editorial responsibility for and distribution of the official publication of the Network.

h) To facilitate and coordinate Global Network activities, including the application for funds on behalf of the Network to carry out its activities.

i) To promote Network goals through liaisons with relevant organizations and groups

j) To maintain records and ensure the safe-keeping of archives and collections of the Network.

k) To submit biennial reports to the membership.

l) To maintain an up-to-date register of all categories of members and partners of the Network.

m) To report to General Membership on behalf of Executive Committee on decisions in timely manner. The Secretariat may delegate one or more of the above tasks to one or more members of the Network.

13.3. The Secretariat shall organize a General Meeting to take place biennially, and shall prepare an agenda for the said meeting to which all members and partners of the Network shall be invited.

13.4. The Secretariat shall organize Executive Committee meetings in accordance with the provisions of Article 12.1 and at other times as required.

13.5. The Secretariat shall give written notice to all member Collaborating Centres of the time and place of meetings of the Executive Committee. Network members may propose items they wish included on the agenda.

13.6. The Secretariat shall provide the Executive Committee and the General Meeting with a report of its activities at each meeting.

13.7. The Secretariat is accountable to the Executive Committee and to the Global Network for the functions and duties stipulated in these Bylaws.

13.8. In the event that the Collaborating Centre having the Secretariat ceases to be a member of the Network, or is unable to perform its functions and duties, the Executive Committee shall designate another Centre to carry out the functions of the Secretariat until it is feasible to conduct an election. The election process must not exceed one year.

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